1. Public School Funding
• Increase the Base Student Allocation and State Categorical Programs by at
least 5% annually so that Florida achieves a ranking of at least #20 nationwide
in PreK-12 educational funding by 2025.
• Prohibit any new unfunded mandates for public schools.
• Eliminate all taxpayer funding of private K-12 schools.
• Until taxpayer funding of private schools has ended, expand the Hope
Scholarship Program to include an option for car buyers to designate their
sales tax portion to go to public school funding.
• Cease all legislative reductions of Florida’s future revenues until Florida’s
allocation to public school funding reaches the nationwide average.
• Encourage the Florida Department of Education to apply for any and all
federal funding available to support PreK-12 public schools.
2. Recruitment and Retention of Quality Educators
• Increase the Base Student Allocation (BSA) until Florida ranks at least #20 in
national average teacher and educational support personnel salaries by 2025.
• Return to Professional Services Contracts to provide employee security.
• Continue new employee open enrollment in the defined benefit program of
the Florida Retirement System.
3. Charter Schools
(Charter schools are public schools, receiving public funds, both state and local.)
• Improve oversight of charter schools by the elected county school board.
• Deny petitions for new, renewed, or materially revised charter schools
operated or managed by for-profit companies.
• Limit approval of new charter applications to those that address specific
academic or space needs not met by the local school district.
• Require that a charter school, if closed, return all remaining public funds, and
materials and capital investments purchased with taxpayer funds.
• Clarify state law concerning charter school governance to assure equal
application of requirements and consequences if those requirements are not
met or are violated.
• Require Hope Charter Schools to accept and transport any students previously
enrolled in the school(s) they replaced.
4. Accountability for all education funding
• Hold all schools that receive state funding to the same standards and testing
as public schools.
• Hold all schools that receive state and/or federal funding to the antidiscrimination standards that apply to K-12 regular public schools.
• Make fully transparent all direct and indirect state funding of private schools.
• Direct the Florida Department of Education to develop and fund alternative
strategies for local school districts to support students recovering from
learning losses resulting from COVID-19 related disruptions to education.
5. Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK)
• Fund full day programs for three year olds in high need areas.
• Fully fund the quality initiatives already in process as a result of HB 419 so
that they become operational sufficient to positively impact the lives of young
• Increase state funding of PreK to enable local districts to serve more
students—an essential response to the high number of child care center
closures across Florida.
6. Support one topic/one bill requirement for the Legislature


The C4QPE board has added two items to our 2023 Legislative Agenda reflecting our focus on RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION OF QUALITY EDUCATORS. We are supporting the establishment of

(1) EDUCATOR INCENTIVE SCHOLARSHIP/LOAN PROGRAM that would cover tuition costs for in-state education students and reduce the pay-back a percentage for each year the educator teaches in a Florida public school;

and (2) extending the DROP (Deferred Retirement Option Program) to 7 years. 

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